Emerging fitness trends spur growth for Tampa-based FitRev

There was a time, Doug Carter recalls, when developers of properties like apartment complexes and condominium communities would opt for the least inexpensive option for building a fitness center and stocking it with equipment. That has changed, Carter says, as these developers have gradually recognized that a quality fitness center serves as an appealing amenity for residents.

Founded by Carter in 1997, FitRev creates new fitness spaces and transforms aging fitness centers for clients that range from apartment and condominium community developers and hotels and resorts to educational institutions, government facilities, hospitals and country clubs among others. The company also sells, services and maintains equipment and flooring.

Preferences have changed since Carter started FitRev after earning a degree from East Tennessee State University, owning and operating fitness centers and working for a fitness company before seeing a need for what FitRev offers.

“I remember when developers (of apartment and condo communities) would ask for the bare basics for fitness center design and/or fitness equipment,” Carter explained. “As time passed, they realized that the bare basic equipment did not hold up well, and that residents preferred communities that featured attractive fitness areas and high grade equipment.

“Now we are seeing a more substantial investment in fitness centers and fitness equipment from developers,” Carter added. “An exceptional fitness center is a valuable perk that can lead residents to choose one community over another.”

Technology is another emerging trend with fitness centers, Carter says, especially networking, which allows facilities and members to track their exercise regimens. Cardio equipment accompanies with TVs is becoming more commonplace as well.

FitRev is renowned for its fitness center design, which varies from one client to another.

“Each of our clients is unique, so each fitness center we design should be as equally distinctive as they are,” Carter explained.

Just as a person’s body must be maintained with proper diet and exercise, fitness equipment will not effectively function for the long term without thorough maintenance.

FitRev has seen monumental growth in the areas of fitness equipment installation, preventative maintenance and fitness equipment repair and service, Carter says. He attributes that growth to longevity in the industry.

“We have been here for 17 years, and we are familiar faces who have worked with our clients for a long time,” Carter said. “Many of our competitors do not have the same retention and longevity with their employees.”