Drug That Could Save Infants’ Lives Not Yet Approved

When an Appleton, Wis., infant developed fatal liver disease, his family conducted and exhaustive search for a cure, and found a life-saving experimental treatment developed by Dr. Mark Puder of Boston Children’s Hospital. Other babies with fatal liver disease, however, may not be so lucky because the treatment isn’t currently approved by the Federal Drug Administration.

When Sam O’Connor was born in March of 2008, he was a little small, just over 5 pounds, but seemed healthy otherwise. Within days, however, he became severely ill, dehydrated and lost nearly 2 pounds, even though he was eating well.

When his frightened parents, Debra and Jason O’Connor took him to the doctor, they were urged “to just put him back in the car and go straight to the hospital,” Jason told NBC’s chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman.

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