Drones: Future of Selfies


A dronie is a picture of yourself taken by a drone. You’d think it was that simple, but it isn’t. Here are the steps to take drone selfies: You must hold the drone’s remote control in your hand, point the camera directly at your face at all times, and only then let it go, making it fly further and further away.

Selfies are the past, dronies are the future. Selfies are just too easy to manufacture now, and no one can really fail a selfie. Dronies are a lot harder to master. They require more skill and therefore they are art. Dronie art. Sure, they’re still more pricey than selfies, as cheap drone models can’t take a steady video while moving. The Chinese-made DJI Phantom 2 VISION Quadcopter (with a gimbal) is the most affordable model for dronie shots.

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