Drone Takes Breathtaking Video With Of Surfers

When there’s news of yet another frightening drone strike on the news almost everyday, it’s hard to forget that those crazy flying machines can be used for more than war. In recent years we’ve seen drones used by hobbyists as expensive big boy toys, by journalists as eyes in the sky and now, by surfers as the world’s coolest hang ten cam. It’s all better than war.

The video shows nearly six breathtaking minutes of surfing footage captured at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, California. The filmmakers strapped a GoPro HERO3 to a DJI Phantom quadcopter and took it several hundred feet into the air, affording majestic views along the coastline where dozens of surfers are bobbing in the water. There’s even a pass by a critter-covered island off shore and a cute little lighthouse on a point. Given the angles and the distance, the shots would be impossible without some sort of aircraft. And it seems doubtful that anyone would charter a helicopter for a Sunday afternoon of surfing. So go go gadget drone! You can do good things, too.