Drone Flies Perilously Close To MacDill Jet

A report just out details a shocking incident in the skies over Tampa Bay.

Pilots of a K-135 Stratotanker that was landing at Mac Dill AFB back in April 17th reported seeing a drone just 20 below them.

The military refueling plane (like the one pictured below) was at an altitude of 16 hundred feet and 10 east of the base when the drone appeared.




The drone owner was never found, but officials say an impact between the two aircraft may have resulted in a crash onto populated neighborhoods below.

The FAA bans drones more than 400 feet off the ground and within 5 miles of an airport, and requires drones stay well clear of manned aircraft.

There was another drone incident at Mac Dill this year.

On March 3rd, a drone crashed at the perimeter fence that surrounds the base.

No damage was done.