Dogs, Guinea Pig Saved In Davis Island House Fire

Davis Island Fire

A resident from the 600 block of Danube Ave. on Davis Island called 911 at 8:23 this morning to report that a neighbor’s house was on fire.

The first unit arrived on scene at 8:27 and found smoke coming out of the home. A neighbor told firefighters that there were three dogs inside the home. Firefighters made entry and began fighting the fire which was caused by an unattended pot on a stove. There were no human occupants in the home at the time.

During the initial search firefighters found the three dogs who had taken cover under furniture. Firefighters credit the neighbors for letting them know to specifically look for the animals.

The firefighters removed the dogs from the scene and began administering oxygen via a pet mask made specifically for dogs. The dogs were two Cairn terriers and one West Highland terrier.

Earlier, a vet tech named Mandi Tate was working at the Davis Island Animal Clinic at 225 E. Davis Blvd when she saw the fire trucks and police car going by. She, along with her boss Steven C. Lewis, D.V.M, were concerned so Mandi followed the emergency vehicles to the location of the fire. Once she saw the Tampa Fire Rescue paramedics treating the dogs she identified herself as an animal health worker and offered assistance.

After contacting the homeowner and receiving his consent, the paramedics asked if her if her veterinarian would be willing to accept the dogs for further treatment. Dr. Lewis agreed by phone and Ms. Tate drove the three dogs with the two paramedics administering oxygen to the vet clinic where Dr. Lewis began treatment. All three dogs were stable as of 9:30 this morning. The firefighters also retrieved a Guinea pig from the home who was alert, unharmed and eating vegetables in its cage.

There were no injuries reported.