Dog Bite Victim: Friends Raise Money For 7-Year-Old Girl’s Surgery

Shaina Foreman tampa 2014

Tampa, Florida — A 7-year-old girl bitten in the face by a dog is recovering now at Tampa General Hospital.

Shaina Foreman’s injuries were so extensive she needed hours of reconstructive surgery this weekend.

The attack happened Friday afternoon on Corinth Street near the corner of Coventry Drive in Port Richey.

“I hate that her face is so changed,” said Shaina’s mom, Siobahn Foreman. “I don’t want her to ever feel like she’s not beautiful.”

Her father, Sam Woolfson, barely holding back tears, said the past few days have been torment.

The attack left their daughter’s face mangled. “From the bridge of her nose all the way over, it was almost completely off,” Siobahn said.

Source: Mark Rivera, WTSP

Friends and family of Shaina have created the donation page below and a Facebook page “Strength for Shaina” to give support and document the recovery process.

Candi Best Warren-Crivea the creator of the donation page:
Open your hearts and Help Please! Shania was bitten in the face by a 100 lb chocolate lab and has had to have extensive reconstructive surgery. They had to reconstruct her tear ducts, sinus cavities, eyes, and her nose. They have had to take skin from behind her ear to make a new eye lid. This was a tragic accident by a normally Non-Violent dog. It was a tragedy and they are not financially able to pay the bills that are being stacked up against them. Please help, every dollar will be money well spent to save the face of an 8 year old little girl. They say she will have to have more surgery.