Disney Closes Online Gaming

A corporation the size and magnitude of Disney could easily keep several online gaming platforms open but instead shatter the dreams and hopes of 1000’s of families who play their online multi-player games. With the promise of something bigger and better. In the world of technology things are always changing but in the world of family and the magic that is Disney, we love the classic, the known and wonderful world that Disney has created. Now with 100000’s of fans being given only 30 days to save their favorite games. For example watch this video by a distraught child http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv4tgmJgUFc and the petitions are starting. Can a little media attention help us save our online game that so many love to enjoy as a family?

We are hoping that if Disney listens to the real stories of the people involved that they will take a second look at saving the online game that is loved by so many and restoring the faith in the franchise that makes Disney the most magical place on earth.


Source: CNN