Man Identified After Being Fatally Shot

DELAND, Fla.- A deadly shooting that took place near DeLand could have been a case of self-defense, say investigators.

The incident occurred outside of a home on Holly Boulevard and North Parkway Street on Sunday night. According to officials, this is not the first time there has been conflict at the home.

A resident told officials the man shot at another man, so he fired back. The front yard of the home is where the two men exchanged gunfire. They were acquaintances at the time. The man who was shot ran across the street to a neighbor’s house where he was discovered.

The neighbor was A.J. Burns and he said his son heard the gunshots and woke up. Burns also heard someone trying to get in his front door. He and his family found the man bleeding on their front porch and immediately called for help.

The man shot was identified as Akeem Smith, 26. He was taken to the hospital where he later died from the gunshot wound. Investigators say Smith showed up to Grady Edmondson, Jr.’s home and the two men began arguing.

Edmondson was detained and questioned Monday morning, but he has not been charged in Smith’s shooting death. It appears that mutual gunfire was exchanged, says investigators. Shell casings from two different guns in Edmondonson’s yard were found and the gun Smith allegedly carried and fired was found beneath a basketball hoop at the neighbor’s home where Smith collapsed, which could indicate self-defense.

In March, Edmondson was also in the news after being allegedly shot and wounded by his father in an altercation at the same home. Edmondson’s father remains in jail without bond.

Sunday night’s scene was chaotic and investigators are still trying to figure out what exactly happened. They will continue to review the deadly incident to determine if this was a case of self-defense or not. The State Attorney’s office is also involved.