Dan Maduri Appears on Newsmax TV to Talk Ferguson Police Ethics

The protests happening in Ferguson have been a result of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer. This situation has begged many questions about the police force and how they are handling things.

Friday afternoon, Florida Live host Dan Maduri was featured on Newsmax TV to give his opinion on the matter.

“Are they going through the proper training? Are they seeing the proper training and what effect do these perceptions–that now the police officers do have military equipment– now are willing to take sniper rifles, stand behind armored vehicles and point them at peaceful protesters? Now, what dynamic is the police officer’s role with the citizens here in the United States of America and I think that Ferguson, Missouri has just shown some glaring and gaping holes in the DoD’s (Department of Defense) 1033 project,” said Maduri.

The conversation continues about the technology that police officers are using now to catch terrorists and criminals.