Crist Praises President at DNC

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) _ Former Fla. Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican-turned-independent, enthusiastically endorsed President Obama’s re-election bid before a national television audience watching the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.
 In his highly Florida-centric speech Thursday night, Crist had nothing but praise for the president.
 Playing on words once spoken by former president and ex-Democrat Ronald Reagan, Crist said he didn’t leave the GOP _ the party left him.
 Crist announced Aug. 26 he was endorsing Obama.

Republicans called the decision political opportunism and pointed out Crist has previously criticized the president on issues like his health care overhaul.
Crist changed his voter registration to no party affiliation after he dropped out of the 2010 Republican Senate primary and ran as an independent.

Many speculate that he will return to politics as a Democrat.