Cortnee Brantley Sentenced To One Year In Prison

TAMPA – Cortnee Brantley will spend a year in federal prison for concealing information from authorities about Dontae Morris, a man accused in the slayings of two police officers in 2010.[youtube_sc url=””]

Brantley had faced a maximum of three years for her conviction on the rarely charged crime of misprision of a felony, concealing from authorities that Morris was a felon in possession of a weapon and ammunition.

A federal jury convicted Brantley in January, but U.S. District Judge James Moody withheld final adjudication of the 25-year-old for three weeks.

In his ruling Feb. 6, Moody said Brantley was guilty by the “thinnest of legal threads.”

Moody admitted that failing to report the killings “may be morally wrong, even reprehensible, but it is not illegal when to make such a report might implicate one’s self in a crime.”


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