Colorado Man Made 3-Year-Old Perform Sex Acts At Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese

Englewood police say a registered sex offender made a child perform sex acts on him inside a Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Robert Weber, 43, was arrested last month and has a history of crimes involving children, according to KUSA.

Police say Weber went into the Chuck E. Cheese’s with his daughter and befriended a father who was there with his 3-year-old daughter.

Weber offered to watch the children and the father went elsewhere, unknowing Weber was a sex offender. Weber took the 3-year-old inside an elevated tube where he made her perform sex acts.

According to police, he may have never been caught if it wasn’t for a photo booth picture the two fathers took.

Police request the media not use his picture because he may be tied to other cases.

Chuck E. Cheese’s has measures in place to protect their customers and their kids such as matching hand stamps that pair the adult with the child.