Florida College Degrees Apparently Worth Something Again

A new study confirms that as the Great Recession slips further into the past, the value of a Florida college degree continues to rise.

The report followed the professional outcomes of 89 percent of the Class of 2015 as they transitioned from college to work. It found that 70 percent found work in their chosen field within a year, and that another 23 percent were working while pursuing an advanced degree.

The study also shows that the median salary for students who graduated and found full-time work was $39,100. Most popular undergraduate majors for the Class of 2015 were, in order, business, marketing, health professions, social sciences, psychology, biological sciences, and engineering.

Starting salaries ranged from $58,600 for engineering grads to $29,500 for biological sciences graduates.

The report will be reviewed this week by the Board of Governors. The hope is that it will help the board come up with system wide strategies so students can attend campuses that will most cater to their needs.