Clearwater’s Besa Grill Launches “Pup Menu”

Bella Pappas tasting the new Pup Menu

Bowser Beer and Chicken Mutt-loaf…for your dog, this is a dinner fit for a King.  Now, pet owners who treat their pups like royalty will be glad to know that when dining at Besa Grill, dogs aren’t only welcome, they are celebrated with their own special menu, sure to please the palate of any picky pup.

While you enjoy the restaurant’s award-winning Latin-fusion cuisine, your beloved dog can lap up a beverage of his own, or gnaw on a Bully Stick (a 6-inch, all-natural, odor-free snack) ordered off the Pup Menu.  A list of doggie entrees includes dishes made with chicken, vegetables and even filet mignon.  For those with sweet-tooth pets, not to worry, there is Doggie Dessert — a cupcake made by nearby pup bakery, Woofgang Bakery.

“As a pet owner myself, I understand that when people go out to lunch or dinner, they often want to take their dogs along; they are considered members of the family,” says Besa Grill owner Adriana Pappas.

“With the pup menu, our goal is to make our patio not simply pet-friendly, but a place where people can enjoy dining al fresco while giving a really special treat to their pets.”

A “Yappy Hour,” between 3 and 6 p.m. allows owners to get $1 off all doggie entrees.


Besa Grill’s pup menu includes items such as:

  • Backyard Hash: fresh diced vegetables, topped with sweet potatoes and a ivory sauce.
  • Fido’s Finest: diced filet mignon tips, chopped carrots, natural gravy
  • K-9 Meatballs: ground beef, carrot and rice meatballs, with natural pan gravy
  • Chicken Mutt-loaf:  Meatloaf for dogs, made with fresh chicken,  carrots, peas, brown rice and eggs

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