Clearwater: Police Investigate Hulk Hogan Shoe Theft

suspectClearwater Police are investigating the theft of an expensive piece of memorabilia – an autographed wrestling shoe once worn by Hulk Hogan taken from his shop on Clearwater Beach.

The shoe, valued at $5,500, was taken Sunday about 5:20 p.m. by a heavyset white female in her 50s.

Four white females – possibly from Michigan on spring break — came into Hogan’s Beach Shop at 5:16 p.m. Four minutes later, a large statue of Hogan fell over outside the premises, and store workers were temporarily distracted. That’s when the theft occurred.

Employees did not know the Steve Cardillo wrestling shoe was missing until Tuesday evening, however. That’s when they checked store security cameras and saw the theft.

Anyone with information on the case should call Clearwater Police at 562-4242.

Source: City of Clearwater Public Safety