Chinese Families Want Answers As Search Continues


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Several dozen Chinese relatives of passengers on Flight 370 held up banners today as they demanded an apology from Malaysia for its handling of the search for a missing airliner.

Banners in Chinese read “We want evidence, truth, dignity.” An English banner read “Hand us the murderer. Tell us the truth. Give us our relatives back.”

A designated representative also says the group feels a statement indicating the plane had crashed with no survivors was premature, given the evidence at the time.

He says the group wants to meet airline and government officials.

Meanwhile, planes and ships continue their search about 1,150 miles west of Australia.

So far, none of the objects pulled from the southern Indian Ocean have been confirmed as coming from the plane.

An Australian warship with an aircraft black box detector is to depart for the search area today.