Charlie Crist Denied Extended Vote Time In Florida

Charlie Crist


According to the Associated Press, a judge has denied former Governor Charlie Crist’s request to extend voting by two hours in Broward County.

Crist’s motion stated that malfunctions with some addresses caused voters to be bounced between precincts, and ultimately the system didn’t register them, leaving them unable to cast regular ballotse motion says.


According to the Associated Press, former Governor Charlie Crist’s campaign has filed an emergency motion to extend voting by two hours in Broward County due to voter confusion and malfunctions.

One polling station was reportedly offline for more than an hour as people tried to cast ballots before work, so the system ultimately did not register them and they were unable to cast regular ballots.

Much of the confusion stemmed from recent changes to voting districts. According to the motion, these changes conflicted information in the minds of many voters, preventing them from casting ballets this year.

AP also reports that the telephone call and email to the Broward election officials were not immediately returned Tuesday night.