Cat Holds Florida Couple Hostage In House

A Velusia County couple had to be rescued from their own cat, claiming it was crazy, according to WESH.

The couple had the cat, named Kush, locked in a bathroom hoping that would calm it down.

Police first got a call from the victim’s son in Altooma Springs.

“Her cat has gone crazy and has attacked her multiple times. It attacked her, and has gotten my stepdad multiple times,” he told the 911 dispatcher.

The victims themselves called 911.

“Now she’s [the cat] in our living room and I can’t get out. She’s got us trapped in our bedroom. We’re ripped up. I mean ripped up, pouring blood. She’s ripped us up,” she claimed. She says her pet cat has never been like this before. Never been out of the house, in fact.

A city animal control officer responded and spoke to the couple through a sliding glass door. She got a look at the scrapes and scratches they had suffered. The officer told WESH that the cat not only hissed but tried to attack her.

she was finally able to capture the cat with a catch pole in a laundry room and cage it. The cat is now under city quarantine because it was not up to date on it’s shots.

The couple refused medical treatment and will have to decide whether to take their cat back home once it’s released by the city.