Casey Anthony Speaks to Talk Show Host

On Tuesday, Casey Anthony gave her first post-acquittal interview to CNN’s talk show host Piers Morgan.

Anthony talked to Morgan over the phone with her attorney, Cheney Mason.

Anthony told Morgan that she’s been reading “The Hunger Games” and watching “I Love Lucy” re-runs and “The Three Stooges”.

Anthony has been in hiding for most of the last year, spoke with Morgan on the telephone for 10 minutes, but the phone call was not actually played on air Tuesday night, but Morgan did relay the details of their conversation.

Anthony maintained her innocence in Caylee’s death, said she hadn’t killed her daughter and that Caylee was her “greatest accomplishment,” and
expressed regret for her behavior before and during the trial.

The most interesting part of the broadcast actually came when Morgan asked Anthony’s lawyer, J. Cheney Mason, about Anthony’s day-to-day life.

Mason said his client likes to read and watch movies, but that Anthony isn’t a fan of reality shows.