Capitol Hill Lockdown Lifted: What Happened?

shooting1_2013WASHINGTON (AP) — A police officer was reported injured after gunshots at the U.S. Capitol, police said Thursday while putting the entire complex on lockdown, which has since been lifted.

Members in Hart Senate Office building were allowed to leave their offices around 3:00 p.m. EST. Security at the White House was lessened around the same time.

The incident may have started with a traffic incident near 15th and Pennsylvania and then moved to the Capitol grounds, according to a CBS News Special report.

A black car crashed into the northeast gate at the White House before it took off down Pennsylvania before some sort of shots were fired, according to a CBS News Special report.

Initial reports indicate that a woman was driving the car, according to the special report.

“There are reports of injuries,” said Terrance Gainer, the Senate’s Sergeant at Arms.

FBI agents were also headed to the scene.

The reports comes two weeks after a deadly shooting at the nearby Navy Yard and amid a government shutdown.

As a warning was sounded, the House abruptly went into recess and lawmakers left the chamber floor. The House had just finished approving legislation aimed at partly lifting the government shutdown by paying National Guard and Reserve members.

People standing outside the Supreme Court across the street from Congress were hurried into the court building by authorities.

The White House was quickly locked down after the incident at Capitol Hill and the stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the compound was closed to pedestrians. Secret Service said the procedures were precautionary.

CNN and CBS News reported one person was injured.

San Antonio representatives tweeted to tell their constituents they were safe.


Source: Associated Press