Can A Vitamin Deficiency Kill You?


Experts say yes, a vitamin deficiency can kill you, and they warn that lack of B12 is often misdiagnosed. Vitamin B12 is critical for life as well as good health, and many Americans are B12 deficient. That can lead to serious problems, from frequent falls to demntia to mental illness to severe amnesia, warns registered nurse Sally Pacholok.

Studies show approximately 40 percent of the U.S. population has low B12. At least 16 percent has a true deficiency, Pacholok says.

She wrote her book Could It Be B12? Epidemic of Misdiagnoses with Dr. Jeffrey J. Stuart after researching her own health issues and realizing they stemmed from a B12 deficiency. She realized that, like her, millions of other people have an undiagnosed lack of the vitamin.

Pacholok joined us earlier this morning to discuss.

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