What Does the Belly-to-Brain Nerve have to do w/ the Business Bottom Line?

Executive Coach says Company Leaders Must Embrace Mind-Body-Business Connection:  

Are employees always on edge when the boss walks in the room?

What does that do to the culture of a company, and how does that affect the bottom line of the business?

More importantly, is that something only the boss can fix because the issue actually lies within them?

“New neuroscience backed up with functional MRIs is now proving the benefits of executives working on themselves, which pays off for their organizations,” says Dr. Stephen Josephs, an executive coach and consultant with more than 30 years of experience studying the intersection between business performance, psychology and mind/body disciplines.

Josephs, who joined me on my weekly Tuesday 6:35p segment Business & Beyond,  is author of the new book Dragons at Work (www.DragonsAtWork.com) and points to the Vagus Nerve, which runs from the belly to the brain, as an example of the mind-body-business connection.

“It’s been linked to everything from digestion issues to stress and depression,” says Josephs, who teaches executives to control the nerve through a multidiscipline approach.

“A benefit of inner body balance includes the projection of true poise; authentic confidence from a leader is what can create a business culture that breeds financial success because employees and clients trust the person in charge to make important decisions from a stable perspective,” he says.

CLICK HERE to listen to the entire interview – including how this nerve could explain Tim Tebow’s “intangibles” on the football field!