Burger King To Serve Burger With Black Bun, Sauce

Burger king

Burger King Japan announced they will start selling the Kuro Pearl burger and Kuro Diamond burger beginning on Sept. 19. They will have black buns, sauce, cheese and black pepper heavy beef patties. (Kuro means black in Japanese).

The burgers were available in 2012 for a limited time and did well, outselling all the other new products the chain offered that year, according to Burger King.

“The black burgers sold extremely well because of their visual impact, but people continued to come back for them because of their taste,” a spokeswoman for the company told Japan Real Time.

Burger King says bamboo charcoal was added to the cheese to give it its color, while squid ink was added to the sauce to make it darker. A spokeswoman for Burger King says the bamboo charcoal adds a nice aroma as well.

The burgers will be available for $4.50 USD