Breitbart: Hillary About To Go Radioactive? offers details this morning on how Senator Charles Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, seeks information on Hillary Clinton’s input into a 2010 deal that saw one-quarter of America’s uranium sources to be dealt to Russia. The deal took place during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state and is being linked to money being donated to The Clinton Foundation.

In the deal, a Russian company by the name of ARMZ, assumed a 51 percent stake in the Canadian mining company controlling 20% of the United States’ uranium deposits.

“In light of the gravity of the decision to allow a Russian takeover of almost a quarter of U.S. uranium assets,” Grassley said in a letter addressed to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, “it is in the public interest to determine the facts and circumstances of the transaction, including any potential donations that could have influenced the CFIUS review process.”

For more on the letter and what Grassley requested from the Department of Justice, read the full story.