Bolivia Offers Asylum To Edward Snowden

Two weeks after arriving at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport and essentially becoming a man without a country, Edward Snowden finally has some options.

A trio of left-leaning Latin American nations to varying degrees say they would welcome the U.S. intelligence leaker in their country. Venezuela and Bolivia have offered asylum to Snowden and Nicaragua is willing to consider it.

Bolivian President Evo Morales, who became part of the saga when his presidential plane was denied permission to enter the airspace of several European countries amid a rumor about Snowden, said his country is “willing to give asylum.” A day earlier, Venezuelan state media reported that President Nicolas Maduro had offered Snowden asylum.

The reports came shortly after Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said he would grant Snowden asylum in his country “if the circumstances permit.”

Wanted by the United States, Snowden had faced a string of rejections to asylum bids he placed to numerous countries. The Latin American countries were the first to respond in the positive.