Body Found in Backyard of Port Orange Home

Investigators are continuing their search for evidence in the backyard of a Volusia County home where they found a body.

On Monday afternoon in the Brandy Hills subdivision in Port Orange, police found the body of an adult and believe they know who the victim is and how that person died, but will not revieal what they know pending an autopsy.

The home belongs to the mother of James Maxwell who has been in jail for the last six months because detectives said he raped a 9-year-old girl who lives in the neighborhood.

Neighbors said six months ago, Maxwell was arrested for kidnapping his neighbor’s daughter at a Christmas party, raping her, and then dropping her off at a police

The reason police started digging in the backyard was because they became suspicious about Maxwell’s concerns that plumbers were about to work on the house.

Police also reported that several years ago, Maxwell was in prison serving time for attempted murder.