Blue Line Trains Crash Near Forst Park Stop In Chicago

train_crash_2013Two CTA Blue Line trains collided Monday morning in Forest Park near Harlem Avenue and the Eisenhower Expressway. Dozens of people were injured, authorities said.

A westbound train and an eastbound train were on the same track when they struck just before 8 a.m., officials said. Why they were on the same track is under investigation.

Several ambulances were called to the scene of the crash and at least 48 people were transported to 10 local hospitals, according to the mayor of Forest Park. The extent of their injuries isn’t clear, but they are believed to be minor. Loyola Hospital received four patients, none of whom had life-threatening injuries.

“I was waiting for my train. Time to go to school. I heard screaming, ‘Stop the train, stop the train, slow down,'” Taylor Pettigrew, witness, said. Then she heard the crash. “It seemed like the train going toward Forest Park bumped back a little bit.”

Source: ABC