Black Friday: Should You Just Wait Till Cyber Monday?

It’s almost holiday time! More than one-third of parents have their holiday shopping done by the end of November. Along with the joy of the season there are also increasing demands of our time and bank accounts, anxiety, obligations and resolutions to do better.

People are looking for tools that empower them to do the things that matter every day, but especially right now. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday officially starting the holiday shopping season, we could all use some insights into finding good deals, while saving time and money.

According to a survey from YouGov, commissioned by Microsoft:

•One-third of parents have their holiday shopping done by the end of November (36%), another one-third wait until mid-December (30%), and one-quarter don’t finish until the week before Christmas (24%)

•On average, parents are planning to spend around $300 on a technology gift this holiday season

•Half of participants research sales and promotions online before shopping on Black Friday (47%) and one-quarter bring their smartphone to compare prices in store (26%)

•Almost all last minute gifting is digital, with digital gifting spiking from the middle to end of December

•On Black Friday, the primary focuses for parents are toys (29%) and large screen technology (26%)

Kristina Libby, senior manager for consumer products with Microsoft, joined Your Wake Up Call to discuss the deals this holiday.

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