Black Friday 2014: Fight Breaks Out At Walmart, Other Arrests

The Black Friday frenzy has officially started. Reports are pouring out of the United States and U.K. about people being arrested for fights.

CBS Los Angeles reports two women engaged in a “pushing and shoving match” over a Barbie doll in Norwalk, California on Thanksgiving night. One woman allegedly punched the other. Deputies told CBS LA that no one was arrested.

Fox 59 reports that two people were arrested in a mall in Indianapolis, Indiana. Police report that a man was thrown out of the mall for being “too rowdy” and then getting into a fight with another man in the parking lot.

Both men were arrested and no deputies were injured.

In Michigan City, Indiana, shoppers are seen in this video at Walmart. Although everyone seems to be more calm than the above incidents, one shopper in a Chicago Bears jersey is seen getting aggressive for a Sony speaker set.

In Manchester, England, the Telegraph reports that two men were fighting over a TV set. The incident happened four minutes before midnight, so technically Black Friday hadn’t even started yet.

According to the paper, the two men dropped the TV and a third man grabbed it and took off.