Bachmann: Obama Has Virtually Guaranteed a World War III

WASHINGTON – Former Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann doesn’t mince words when discussing President Obama’s “pro jihad” and “anti christian” foreign policy.

She also evaluates the Republican field for 2016 and she believes Dzhokhar Tsarnaev deserves the death penalty after being found guilty on all 30 counts for his Boston Marathon Bombing terrorist attack.

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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bombing terrorist was found guilty in all 30 accounts just moments ago. Your thoughts?

“Well this was inevitable that he would be found guilty. All the weight of the evidence was there. I think the jury took this seriously and I think this is exactly what needed to happen and the American public needed to know that there needs to be justice for people whose lives were forever altered. This is a serious matter and I’m thankful that the jury came back with this decision.”

It seems like right now the jury recommendation, they’re going through their due diligence and they’re deciding whether or not it will be a death recommendation or a life in prison recommendation. If you were part of that jury, which way would you look to recommend?

“Well I believe that there is a place for the death penalty and in this case, it seems to me from everything that I’ve read and everything I’ve seen that that would be the appropriate, that that would be the appropriate for him.”

A lot of people, and Republicans, are taking shots at former Florida Governor Jeb Bush saying the presidency isn’t a throne to be passed down or inherited. Do you think that’s an appropriate statement to be made towards Jeb Bush?

“Well you know we’re just in the process now of just fielding our candidates. The most important thing right now is that if you’re looking at a hierarchy, the Clinton hierarchy is one that is unparalleled and I think that right now people aren’t terrible excited about Hilary Clinton. She hasn’t proven herself to be a remarkable candidate. I think that will be a big plus to the Republicans going forward, the fact that it’s tough for her to do retail politics very well, and I think that what we need now in our country is a very bold, conservative president. Whoever that person will be that will gain the Republican nomination is going to have to demonstrate that they’re very smart, they’re a quick study, they know how to debate and more importantly that they can stand up against the ruling class in Washington DC and make the bold actions that need to be taken. We’re in real trouble financially. We’re going to be in excess of $20 trillion in debt. When I went into Congress as recently as January 2007, United States government was $8.6 trillion in debt. When I left, just a mere eight years later this January, we were more than double that amount. It took our country about 230 years to get itself $8.67 trillion in debt and in eight year’s time, we’ve doubled that amount and we’re continuing to gain momentum regarding accumulating debt. That will completely rewrite what America looks like in the future and and so this isn’t just an academic exercise. This will be a matter of economic survival in our country. We have that, plus we have threats from foreign terrorists greater than we have ever seen before so we need someone who will be able to grasp these matters and not take small, incremental changes but bold changes to be able to address both of these serious problems.”

From a campaigning strategy for 2016, Republicans need to appeal to minorities and women. How about you? Have you decided? You declined to run for re-election to Congress. Does that mean that you’re looking at 2016 as a potential?

“No not today. I’m not looking at it. I ran in 2012. I’m extremely grateful I did because the distinct contribution I made in 2012 was to put the issue of repealing Obamacare front and center. That was my signature issue. None of the men that were running were actually full-scale repeal. That was a novel idea at that time. People still saw Obama as very strong and they were looking at tweaking Obamacare. Now people see it for the unmitigated disaster that it is. Now people see that we have to repeal this very bad law and change it toward free market healthcare options. So I’m grateful for that.”

So people see that. Do the Republican parties see that when it comes to Obamacare and do you think and see a repeal of Obamacare if the GOP is able to maintain Congress and obtain the presidency?

“I do think that it’s possible. I was skeptical of that but I do think that it is because Obamacare has proven itself to be a failure and far more expensive than anyone ever thought and people just can’t afford it. That’s what it comes down to without massive subsidies by the federal government. Individuals can’t afford it and our memories aren’t that old. We can remember when families could afford healthcare and when there were simple options, like for instance, when people worked for McDonald’s to get a very simple, inexpensive policy to help them with their medical needs and I think we’re living in such a remarkable time of medical breakthroughs and innovations, we should be so excited for what’s around the corner. The last thing we need is a huge, old fashioned government bureaucracy to quall all that. What we need is even greater opportunities, not fewer opportunities and that’s what Obamcare does. Remember, Obamacare didn’t give us doctors and nurses or medical breakthroughs. All it’s giving us is what will ultimately become the largest bureaucracy in America. That doesn’t help anyone.”

Is it a big deal that some notable GOPers are on Obamacare, like Ted Cruz, who is currently running for president in 2016?

“No, there’s nothing notable about it at all because for the United States Congress there is only one option, and it’s Obamacare. If you get your healthcare through your employer, you’re forced to be on Obamacare. You can’t be on any other option and what’s so sad is that Obamacare is rewriting all the healthcare policies in the United States. They’re matching Obamacare, which means they’re unaffordable and they force people to purchases a different level of care than what they need or what they want.”

How do you feel about President Obama embracing our traditional enemies like Cuba and Iran. Is he going down a dangerous path?

“That’s the worst thing that could happen. This literally is the worst part of the Obama presidency. You can get economics wrong and you can turn it around. We saw Ronald Regan do that in a remarkable way. Where we do have problems decades into the future are disasters with foreign policy. We had, prior to this time, four state designated sponsors of terror in the world, Iran being the worst. Obama, for some inexplicable reason, has decided that he wants to elevate Iran, he wants to do away with all the designation the state sponsors of terror and he wants to bring Iran equal to any other country in the world and help them economically and militarily for no reason at all. This puts Iran in a position where they would have the fire power to be able to take out not only Israel, but they would have the fire power to use intercontinental ballistic missiles against the United States with nuclear chipped warheads. This virtually guarantees in my opinion, World War 3 and I think that alone would qualify Barack Obama for being the worst president that the United States has ever had to endure.”

You mentioned that you talked about what’s happening with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iran on its way to a nuclear weapon, the gulf states really enflamed, Israel in trouble, not knowing if we’re their ally or if we’re not their ally.

“We’re not their ally. We’re not. The American people are but Barack Obama is not their ally.”

It also seems that Russia right now, our relations with Russia are tense to say the least. Is this a direct result of Obama’s foreign policy and if so, what parts of the policy have lead us down this path where there is so much uncertainty and we keep hearing people bring up the idea of World War 3, Gulf states, nuclear weapons?

“Well of course this is his policy and the Obama doctrine has been to offer aid and comfort to our enemies while he has cut off our allies. We have never had a president before that has been anti-Israel and this is the first one and from my perspective from what I have seen, looking at the president’s rhetoric and his actions, everything that he has done has been to list off the agenda of Islamic jihad. He has furthered the Islamic jihad across the world and we’ve never seen anything like this before. He has put the United States in a terrible position by debting our current military strength, he has taking that strength down, and when he has had opportunities to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, he has done just the opposite. He has now guaranteed that Iran will have a nuclear weapon and by failing to insist on verification, even though they are saying that publically, we know that the International Atomic Energy Agency, which would be doing the verification of nuclear weaponry, has come out and said themselves that they have no ability to be able to track Iran because there are twelve questions that Iran had to complete to offer valid verification. They answered less than one of those questions and the IAEA said they have no baseline with which to go in and hold Iran accountable.”

What is it about this president that he has basically turned his back on Israel and has decided to align himself with Iran? Is there a positive for America in this? It’s popular for people to say that the president hates America and that he’s doing this to bring America down but is there a flipside to this in which something else might be occurring?

“Well no none of us know what goes on in the vast intention of Barack Obama’s heart, all we know is his rhetoric and his actions. I mean very weird this week at the Easter White House Christmas party that the president went off script to castigate Christians. Isn’t that odd? That at an Easter celebration to cascade Christians? That’s why we just had 147 Kenyans killed, who are specifically killed by Islamic terrorists because of their Christian faith. They were attacked. The first room they went into was a prayer room and then they asked them all if they were all Christians and they gunned them down in cold blood. This president, Barack Obama, has been almost just heartless and bloodless when it comes to the persecution of Christians and Jews across the world. In France he had the oddest response ever. He acted like this was just a random group of people, picking out of a random group of people, whether than what normal people understand, which is that Christians and Jews are being targeted by Islamists for death, and Barack Obama can not tell the truth about this. He has been the best friend of the terrorist. I don’t mean that in a flip way but his actions and his rhetoric have been such that he has dated the rise of the goals of terrorists across the world. We’ve had the worst intelligence leaks in the history of the United States in Barack Obama’s administration.”

Should Obama send US troops to fight ISIS or continue to play a peripheral role in the middle east?

ISIS is a real problem. A real problem. But the biggest problem of all is Iran and that’s where we need to focus because Iran can not get a nuclear weapon and that’s why it’s imperative that this congress wakes up and holds this president accountable.”

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