Baby Killing Nurse May Walk Free

Back in 1982, Chelsea McClellan — just 15 months old — needed immunizations.

It was routine stuff, so Chelsea’s mother took her to a local clinic in Kerrville, Texas. What happened there was anything but routine.

That’s because Genene Jones was the nurse on duty. Chelsea’s mother recalled the day.

“She gave her her first shot in her left thigh and she immediately started gasping for air,” said Petti McClellan-Wiese. “Gave her another one, and she immediately just went limp and quit breathing.”

In the chaos of rushing Chelsea from the clinic to the hospital, Jones somehow slipped into the ambulance and gave the little girl a third shot.

McClellan-Wiese would learn later that the nurse had injected her daughter with a drug called Succinylcholine, which causes muscle relaxation and short term paralysis. It stopped Chelsea’s heart.

Source: CNN