Armed Robbery Shooting Near FSU Campus

Police responded to a 911 call in Tallahassee this afternoon chased and shot two men on and near the busy FSU Campus. The first was shot near the fine arts building on the northern edge of campus. The second was shot two blocks away. FSU Senior Nicole Milshler was coming out of a nearby parking garage when she saw a body lying in the street.

Nicole Mishler – FSU Student
“I couldn’t really see any blood from where I was, I just saw him laying there and I was like, is it safe to go to class and the cop was like yes it’s fine. They had the whole area like secured. They were putting the tape up when I was going back to class.”

Scott Beck – Tallahassee Police Department Spokesman
“It was for a armed robbery in progress. Our officers found the suspect vehicle, attempted to stop the suspect vehicle, they were two suspects that fled during the ensuing chase. At least one officer discharged his firearm and there were two suspects injured as a result.”

Police don’t know if more than one officer opened fire, or if the suspects were shooting. TPD says whether the use of deadly force was appropriate on a usually heavily populated section of campus will be part of their investigation.

Source: Capitol News Desk