Arkansas Woman Gets Deer Tongue Removed

A woman from Little Rock, Arkansas had to have a deer tongue removed.

She went to her gynocologist complaining of a terrible odor and he ran typical tests. He wasn’t concerned in the slightest about the complaint until the pap smear results came back.

He asked the woman to come back to explain what the deal was. He removed decaying flesh. He was obviously disturbed by this finding.

During the exam, I was utterly shocked with what I had found. Never in my 33 years of practice have I seen anything like this,” Dr. Lee told the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology. “What I removed from the woman, looked like a long tongue, but certainly not a human tongue. Then, what she admitted to her husband after the exam, was even more disturbing.”

She later confessed to a doctor that her husband brought the deer home after a hunting trip and cleaned it. She saw the tongue and took it to do her thing.