Are Stars Staging Wardrobe Malfunctions?

malfunction_2013At the Emmys on Sunday night, as Tina Fey accepted her award, the veteran actress’ low-cut dress slipped open and cameras showcased the “30 Rock” star’s chest on live TV. It was clearly an accident. But what about those wardrobe slip ups that seem more, well, intentional?

This week, rapper Nicki Minaj posted a photo of herself in a jacket… with no shirt underneath. The pictured nearly showed Minaj’s entire breast, and yet she shared it on Instagram, with scores of her followers pointing out that the image revealed too much. She has yet to delete the photo.

So when are wardrobe slip ups staged? And why?

“Someone like Tina Fey [it’s] clearly an accident. She’s a well respected actress and comedienne,” Executive Editor at Nick Leftley told FOX411.


Source: Fox News