Albino Squirrel Twins Spotted In Hampshire

albino squirrel

This is amazing considering one in every 100,000 squirrels is born without any color pigments. Two baby albino squirrels were spotted in a park in Waterlooville, Hampshire.

The Daily Mail reports that a family in the park spotted the twin squirrels and named them Pinky and Perky.

Steve and Tammi Ashley were in the park with their two daughters and said that the squirrels were playing under a tree with the protection of their mother.

“All of a sudden I saw a flash of white in the tree. I looked up and thought I saw a cuddly toy – it was white and fluffy,” Mr. Ashley said. “Then I realised it was a squirrel and another all white one bounded round the branch. It was brilliant, my daughters were absolutely delighted. My youngest kept asking for a kiss, and Isabel asked if she could have one. I’ve never seen an albino squirrel before, let alone two.”