After 10-mile Run, Woman Gives Birth To Surprise Baby

After a 10-mile training run, Trish Staine was in pain. Not post-training-run pain. Real, excruciating pain.

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Trish Staine talks to TODAY.
“I was yelling and screaming — I thought I was dying,” says Staine, who was in training for Grandma’s Half Marathon in her hometown of Duluth, Minn. at the end of the month. Her family called an ambulance, and when they got to the hospital, they expected a diagnosis of a pinched nerve, a kidney stone, maybe a burst appendix, they told the Duluth News Tribune. But what the nurse treating Staine found was a fetal heartbeat.

“And I’m, like, looking around, like, no, I don’t believe it,” Staine told TODAY on Thursday. She says hadn’t missed any periods, she didn’t have a “baby belly” – and her husband, John, had had a vasectomy.

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