Poll: 75% Of Americans Are Concerned About Ebola


Three in four Americans are concerned about the Ebola outbreak and about half of America thinks the Obama administration isn’t doing much to help combat it.

According to a YouGov poll conducted before Eric Thomas Duncan sadly passed away from Ebola Wednesday morning, 72 percent of Americans are “very” or “somewhat” concerned about the recent outbreak. This is compared to 17 percent who felt this way in August.

The study also found that black Americans are more concerned than whites. 40 percent say they are “very concerned about the possibility of an epidemic here.” And senior citizens are more scared than the general public. 40 percent of them say they are “very concerned.”

The survey found that 75 percent “are following news about the Ebola case in Texas closely” while “a third say they are following it very closely.” Back in August, a mere 16 percent were following the Ebola crisis attentively.

On Tuesday, President Obama announced that five airports are increasing screening. But 46 percent of Americans think this isn’t enough to help prevent a potential outbreak in the United States.

Starting Saturday, temperatures of travelers coming into the following airports: John F. Kennedy in New York, Dulles outside Washington, O’Hare in Chicago, Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta and Newark Liberty outside New York.

This poll was conducted October 4-6.