63-Year-Old Woman Beaten During Robbery

St. Petersburg, Florida– “It’s absolutely disgusting..”- That’s what one neighbor said about the alleged actions of three suspects: Christopher Andrews, Danielle Tennis and Carrie Marcink, who cops say hatched a plot to rob a home.. but it almost ended in death for the owner, 63-year-old Jihi McEvoy .

According to police, Marcink was friends with McEvoy’s son Mickey White, who lives in the home with her. Marcink asked him to go with her to the ATM so she could pay back money she owed him, but that was the diversion.

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Cops say while Mickey was gone with Marcink for a mere 30 minutes, Tennis and Andrews ransacked the house, and the 6’6, 300 pound Andrews beat the elderly woman with his fists.

When Mickey returned home, he found his mother laying on the floor, severely beaten, and unable to respond to his questions.

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