4,000 Firefighters Try To Beat Yosemite Wildfire

These are scary times for the folks of Tuolumne, a picturesque northern California community threatened by a historic wildfire.

Fire crews are doing their best, but just a spark or two could send the inferno raging down their canyon and into their town.

“It is dangerous for them right now,” said Cal Fire Division Chief Mike Ramirez. “When you’re on a ridge like this and the fire is below you, that is a recipe for disaster.”
Tuolumne is on the northern edge of the Rim Fire, a monster of a wildfire that has charred more than 184,000 acres. It’s the seventh-largest blaze in California history.

“To be this close is to be scared,” said Laura Murphy, a wildlife rehabilitator who lives in Tuolumne with her husband. “But we’re ready, we’re packed, we’ve already moved the animals.
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Despite the threat, the fire is fascinating.

“We will leave when we have to, but its amazing to watch,” she said.

Source: CNN