4-Year-Old Stands Up To Kenyan Mall Gunman

Elliot_Berkshire_Kenya_2013A little 4-year-old British boy trying to protect his wounded mother and 6-year-old sister looked into the eyes of an armed gunman at Kenya’s mall and told him what he thought of him: You’re a “very bad man,” he said.

The gunman, shocked and shamed, actually begged for the boy’s forgiveness, The Daily Mail reported on Tuesday.

He handed the boy, Elliot Prior from Berkshire, and his family some Mars chocolate bars and told them: “Please forgive me. We are not monsters.”

The boy’s mother, Amber, said she and her children had stopped at the mall — the Nairobi Westgate Shopping Centre — to buy milk and were caught in the middle of the gunfire. She hid with her children under a cold meat counter, when the terrorists found them and shot her, injuring her in the upper leg.

Source: The Washington Times