3 Children Find Loaded Shotgun At Summer Camp

Children at a summer camp in California found a loaded shot gun underneath a portable building at the host school, according to a report by KTVU. Police are saying the gun was linked to gang activity.

According to Sgt. Eric Goldschlag with the Santa Rosa Police Department, three children playing marbles were trying to collect pieces that rolled under the building when they discovered the fully loaded pistol grip shotgun that was hidden. Police were notified when the gun was reported the next day by a summer camp instructor.

Goldschlag says it is likely a “community gun” left behind by a gang member for anyone to use. A gun was found in bushes across from the school last year.

“It’s easy access for the gang members, that way if they need it they have easy access to it and if they’re confronted by law enforcement they don’t have the actual gun on them,” he said.

Currently, the gun is being traced by police to figure out the original owner. It was modified to hold six shells instead of five.

A teacher at the school says he’s not surprised to hear of the news because, unfortunately, it’s part of the culture around the school. And a mother who wished to remain anonymous says shootouts run rampant in the neighborhood.

Police are still looking into which particular gang the gun may be linked to, and they said the children did the right thing by reporting the weapon to an adult.