10-Year-Old Wants To Push Disabled Brother In 5K Race

A 10-year-old in Oklahoma City named Tobias Bass recently wrote to a local news station there, because he knew they sometimes help raise money for people in need.  But Tobias specifically said he wasn’t looking for a handout.

Tobias’s brother Titus has cerebral palsy, so he can’t play sports.  And Tobias knows how hard it is for him to see OTHER kids playing outside, so he wanted to include him in a 5K race that took place this past weekend.

The problem was, he needed something to push Titus in.  But their single mother who works as a teacher couldn’t afford a jogging stroller that was big enough to hold him.

Watch the video here.

So Tobias wrote to the station . . . but didn’t ask them to BUY him one.  He asked if they could help find one he could just BORROW for the weekend.  And if they could, he’d volunteer to push OTHER disabled children in MORE races.

Well, instead of finding one to lend him, the station got one for him to KEEP.  And Tobais and Titus were able to run their first 5K race together on Friday.

Source: www.news9.com