10 Homes Burned in Ocala National Forest Fire

ALTOONA, Fla. (AP) _ Authorities say 10 homes are among two dozen structures burned by a brush fire in the Ocala National Forest.

U.S., state and Marion County firefighters have been working to contain the blaze since Saturday over an area more than 1,900 acres wide.

Authorities say the fire is about 80 percent contained.

No injuries have been reported.

Marion County Fire Rescue spokeswoman Jessica Greene says the burned structures include homes, garages, sheds and other small buildings in a subdivision within the national forest.

Greene says more than 100 other homes in the forest and along Lake George have been saved.

District Ranger Mike Herrin of the Ocala National Forest says human activity is suspected as the cause of the fire.

About 120 firefighters were working Monday to extinguish the fire.