Houthi Leader Proclaims Support For Russia in Anti-Semitic Comments

By Luis Arellano

A senior Yemeni terrorist leader blamed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on its Jewish president. “Any country run by a Jew ends up going to war,” said Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi a senior Houthi leader in a March 14th interview with Lebanon’s Mayadeen TV.

The statement helps build the case for listing the Houthis as a terrorist group. Shortly after coming to power President Joe Biden removed the designation of the Houthis as a terrorist organization citing the technical needs to work with Houthi groups in the distribution of aid in Yemen. Critics have pointed out that the re-designation was done largely to please Iran. In recent months the Biden administration has hinted that it may reverse course on the issue.

Al-Houthi is a member of the Houthi Supreme Political Council the terrorist organization controls much of Yemen with support of Iran. Like other Iranian proxies in Iraq and Lebanon, the Houthis have sought to link their own efforts to dominate Yemen to a wider struggle against America and Israel.

The anti-Semitic views of the Houthi leadership aside the organization stands accused of using landmines and child soldiers in its efforts to control Yemen.

The Yemeni Association of the Mothers of the Kidnapped says some 3,478 Yemeni civilians have been disappeared during the conflict with at least 128 executed in extra-judicial proceedings. Those that survive in captivity often face torture.

Torture is another tactic of the group which according to Human Rights Watch has been involved in the abuse of prisoners under its command.

“Former detainees described Houthi officers beating them with iron bars and riffles and hanging them from walls with their arms chained behind them.”

The above video is just one insight into the hatred that spawn such crimes against humanity.