That Tempe RFP Fit The Arizona Coyotes Franchise Needs

Seems like the RFP was a mere formality.

The National Hockey League’s Arizona ownership is one step closer to getting an arena in Tempe. In the world of the stadium game, sometimes it is easy to pick out what government officials and sports owners want.  Elected officials in Tempe put out a request for proposals to develop a parcel within the city with the NHL team in mind. That may explain why the NHL had no concern when Glendale elected officials announced they were terminating the city’s arena lease agreement with the team. The final Glendale game is scheduled in the spring of 2022. A Tempe building is coming.

Tempe officials want a sports stadium or an arena and a practice facility on the property. They want a team owner to create a stadium or an arena village that would include 1,000 residential units, 200,000 square feet of retail space, and a large plaza with amenities. Name recognition for Tempe and an opportunity for Tempe public service announcements. The Arizona ownership was the only group to turn in a proposal. It seems that Tempe knew there was going to be only one bidder because all the other area teams seem set in whatever direction they are taking. In the Phoenix market, the National Basketball Association’s Suns’ building has been renovated. The National Football League Cardinals’ stadium is still Super Bowl worthy. Major League Baseball’s Diamondbacks ownership seem to be interested in staying in downtown Phoenix which left the hockey team’s ownership as the group Tempe wanted in the parcel of land available for development. The RFP fit the hockey team’s needs. Tempe officials claim they will review the Arizona ownership bid but Tempe and the hockey team’s ownership were talking about a deal for a while before the RFP was issued in July. It seems the decision on the RFP winner has already been made.

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(Jason Franson/The Canadian Press via AP)