Virginia Lawmakers Taking A Slow Approach To Fund A Proposed Commanders Stadium

Daniel Snyder wants a new stadium for his team.

The Commonwealth of Virginia seemingly wants Daniel Snyder’s National Football League Washington Commanders franchise but Virginia legislators are not as hot and heavy courting Snyder as they seemed to be earlier in 2022. The lawmakers are not taking up the question of how to help fund Snyder’s desired home plant in the near term. But it appears Virginia is the only entrant in the Snyder stadium game ploy. Maryland might throw money into developing the area around the Commanders home facility in Landover but there will be no state money for stadium building and in Washington, D. C., the federal government owns the land where RFK Stadium sits rotting away. There is a political fight in the District as to what to do with the land, Mayor Muriel Browser wants the city to buy the land from the federal government while city council members are not on board with the notion.

Meanwhile Snyder’s vision for his proposed stadium is smaller is better. That, of course, creates ticket scarcity and drives prices upwards. Snyder’s business  conducted an economic impact analysis on the possibility of bringing a stadium-village to Virginia and to absolutely nobody’s surprise, it is an economic generator. The study, which was prepared by JLL Sports & Entertainment and published by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, paints a rosy picture for everyone as the direct economic impact of the stadium would bring $24.7 billion to Virginia over 30 years, and 2,246 people will have jobs with businesses inside the stadium-village by 2033. Virginia politicians are thinking of throwing $350 million into Snyder’s project which according to Snyder’s business will cost $3 billion to complete. But there is also a major problem here. Daniel Snyder. His business is under Congressional investigation for sexual harassment. The NFL refuses to release an investigation it did into Snyder business practices. He is toxic.

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