Entertainment Weekend: The NFL Is Festering with Problems

This is not how the NFL wanted to promote the Super Bowl.

For those looking for NBC to explain the Brian Flores lawsuit, the Hue Jackson allegations and the latest charge against Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder during the network’s presentation of the Super Bowl. Forget about it. NBC is not going to throw dirt against the NFL Shield at any point in the presentation. After all, it is America’s party and spiking the punch bowl would ruin the experience. But the National Football League is going to have to address in court, not the public court where its media allies can shape a message, Flores saying that the New York Giants used him as window dressing to cover their tracks in the hiring of a new coach and having to interview him to make sure the franchise followed the Rooney Rule. The league will also have to address in court, not an internal investigation, Flores charge that the Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wanted him, in essence, to throw games to get a higher draft pick. Then there is the former Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson who is alleging that the Browns owner Jimmy Haslam offered him a financial incentive to lose games. Needless to say, the Giants, Browns and Dolphins public relations staffs fired off denials to the Flores and Jackson charges.

Meanwhile, Snyder has been accused of sexual misconduct by Tiffani Johnston, a former team cheerleader and marketing manager. Johnston and five other former employees appeared before a Congressional roundtable to talk about their workplace experiences. Johnston claimed prostitutes were hired by team executives after an event at Snyder’s Aspen, Colorado home. Johnston also accused Snyder of harassing her at a team dinner, putting his hand on her thigh and pressing her toward his limo. The Super Bowl distraction cannot come fast enough for the NFL which is riddled with problems.

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