The NFL Has Another Serious Workplace Problem

Jerry Jones’s business has some questions that need answers about workplace sexual harassment.

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell has a Dallas Cowboys problem. ESPN reported the Dallas Cowboys franchise, Jerry Jones’ business, paid $2.4 million to members of the team’s cheerleading squad and others who accused vice president for public relations and communications Rich Dalrymple of using his cellphone to record four women while they undressed in a stadium locker room in 2015. According to ESPN, each of the women received $399,523. ESPN reported the team reached a settlement in March 2016 with the four women, three of their spouses and the team.  All involved agreed in the settlement  to never speak publicly. But now the settlement is public and Goodell may have to take a look at that agreement and the question is can the NFL investigate one of its heavyweight owners, Jerry Jones?

The NFL is still struggling with its investigation of Washington owner Daniel Snyder and allegations of sexual misconduct within Snyder’s business. More allegations against Snyder have surfaced since the league’s investigation said there were some problems at Snyder’s business, but we gave him a $10 million fine and Snyder’s wife is running the day-to-day operation of the team. Snyder was just accused of sexual misconduct by Tiffani Johnston, a former team cheerleader and marketing manager. Johnston and five other former employees appeared before a Congressional roundtable to talk about their workplace experiences. Johnston claimed prostitutes were hired by team executives after an event at Snyder’s Aspen, Colorado home. Johnston also accused Snyder of harassing her at a team dinner, putting his hand on her thigh and pressing her toward his limo. The NFL has major workplace problems.

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