The Bidding Has Started In Daniel Snyder’s Quest For A New Commanders Stadium

The accusations about sexual harassment in Snyder’s workplace are not a deterrent.

Given all of the news about the National Football League’s Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder including new allegations that arose during a Congressional roundtable of workplace sexual harassment at Snyder’s business, you would think Snyder would have a hard time getting political support for his desire to get a new stadium. But that is not the case as politicians in Virginia, in Maryland and at the city level in Washington, D. C. seemingly cannot wait to shower Snyder with plans and money in an effort to get his business. The Virginia House Appropriations Committee took the first step to help Snyder by supporting legislation that would create a Virginia stadium authority. House Appropriations Chairman Barry Knight admitted he doesn’t care about all of the allegations surrounding Snyder, he just wants a football stadium in northern Virginia that would be fit for an NFL owner and maybe, just maybe make some economic sense for the commonwealth.

Meanwhile, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser wants Snyder to build his new stadium at the site of the RFK Stadium near the Capitol. “Every major sports franchise in the region calls D.C. home,” the mayor tweeted. “The next chapter for the Washington Commanders should be a return to winning right here in DC.” Bowser wants a stadium-village built on the site after the old stadium is razed. Bowser does not want to use public money to fund the stadium-village plan. Meanwhile in Virginia, the governor Glenn Youngkin said he was willing to put up public money to help Snyder get a stadium. In Maryland, the governor Larry Hogan is interested in keeping Snyder’s business in his state after the Commanders-Maryland lease to use the Landover stadium ends in five years. It costs more than a billion dollars to build state-of-the-art NFL stadium. Snyder may be odious but politicians want his business.

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